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"The Adventure it`s me!"

Adventure Journey Sri Lanka

Discover the secrets and hidden treasures of Sri Lanka and find your own hidden potentials and ressoures as a person, within a team or in the role of a manager.

By traveling through Sri Lanka you will make new life experiences and experience yourself in a very different environment. You will be concious about your strengths and arise new energy to follow your vision of life or to realize your goals or the goals of your company.

The Adventure Journey "The Adventure it`s me" is a mix of exploring Sri Lanka and personal development as well as personal or team coaching. "We use the nature and culture of the wonderful island "Sri Lanka" as a promoter to reflect and deal with past situations, to encourage personal change processes and to find ideas for realization.

We offer tailormade trips for companies and private groups as well open trips.Based on the target group we offer different programs dependant on the needs of the participants. Please find the dates of the open trips on our website: news/schedule.

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