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Dr. Elisabeth Proksch

Elisabeth Proksch studied sports science and sports management. As a student, she worked as a sports coordinator with Grüner Kreis – an association for the rehabilitation and integration of former drug addicts. Her responsibilities included planning and carrying out sports activities and recreational activities for patients undergoing long-term therapy.

Elisabeth Proksch obtained a doctorate in sports management with a thesis entitled: “The flotation of non-profit sports organizations in a European context”. This topic was inspired by her work after completing her studies, when she worked as assistant to the board of the Austrian Futures and Options Exchange (“ÖTOB”) , heading its administrative department.

During this period, Elisabeth Proksch completed several training courses and qualification programmes , enlarging her knowledge of Austrian and international capital markets . This included the ÖTOB Market Maker training and training on the Xetra® securities trading system. As an Xetra® specialist , Elisabeth Proksch trained all the Austrian market traders when this trading system was introduced in Austria.

She also found application for her experience and expertise in the stock exchange and banking sector as project and product manager for the consulting firm “ ex-it GmbH – exchange information technology ”. The business activities of ex-it GmbH were securities exchange and banking consulting as well as the development of banking and securities exchange systems based on internet technology used as tools for internet banking and internet trading. The responsibilities of Elisabeth Proksch and her team included consulting and support for clients , analysis and optimization of business processes during introduction of the systems, development and implementation of custom software systems for clients and ongoing product development, release planning and product management .

In 2003 , Elisabeth Proksch founded the management consultancy Dr. prokschconsultKG , which helps organizations and the people working for them to control development and change sustainably and effectively. Elisabeth Proksch completed several advanced training courses focusing on complementary consulting for change projects, systemic management competence and team development and group dynamics .

Elisabeth Proksch is a lecturer at Vienna University , the Vienna Sports Academy and for the Federal Sports Organization’s sports manager training in Austria.

Her sports activities have made a significant impact on her, and she has had an affinity for horses ever since childhood. For financial reasons, she was not able to participate actively in competitive riding until she had completed her studies. She has enjoyed a degree of success with her horse Excalibur , which she trained herself.

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As part of her lecturing activity at the Vienna Sports Academy, Elisabeth Proksch trains and teaches prospective riding instructors and trainers in the subjects of sports management, equine kinesiology and sports psychology.

From 1986 to 1996 Elisabeth Proksch was actively involved in athletics and running . Just for the sake of it, she also completed several courses in mountain bike racing and triathlons.

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Elisabeth Proksch has integrated sports and exercise in her professional activities at prokschconsult under the Cavallissimo brand.

Riding her horse Excalibur in the woods of Austria, withdrawing to the mountains or to the waves of Portugal are now a source of relaxation and stability and are an expression of her affinity for nature.

Thanks to her professional international activities and her private enjoyment of travel, Elisabeth Proksch is very open to and interested in other cultures. Her intercultural openness and insight are reflected in her work with people.

Elisabeth Proksch regards a valuable quality of life and spending time with family and friends and with clients as priceless gifts to which she gives top priority.