The Excalibur-Principle – The Book

Leadership needs both female and male qualities – what we can learn from horses.

The Excalibur Principle contains practical management tools and principles that can make management easy and effective. It shows us how important both female and male leadership qualities are in securing the survival, growth and success of a company or organisation. This follows from an understanding of the principle of Leading by Consequences, which is also successfully employed by the lead horses of a herd in a fair and predictable manner. This management guidebook is intended to support managers who wish to examine the effectiveness of their own leadership style. It offers practical ideas and approaches that can bring more efficiency into a manager’s daily work routine. The Excalibur Principle does this by letting managers (the readers) tap into the performance potential of their employees while strengthening their motivation and willingness to cooperate. This ensures the best results for a company or organisation.

The Excalibur Principle is the book related to the Leading Alpha Program, a leadership and communication training with horses. (Link zum Leading Alpha Programm herstellen)

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Client’s Feedback:

“Every manager should know the Excalibur Principle and apply it in their work. This book is required reading for all my managers.”

Barbara Reimond-Charamsa, Managing Director of the Marian Inhouse-Agency and the RG-Verlag, companies of the REWE Group

“The Excalibur Principle lays the essential foundation for the development of an effective and sustainable leadership culture.”

Dr. Martin Czurda, Chairman of the Board of various banks, currently Chief Executive Officer at Hellenic Financial Stability.

“Finally, a practical guidebook that addresses the relevant issues and real-life problems that crop up in a manager’s daily work!”

Elisabeth Promberger, Sales Management Bavaria (1,500 Employees), REWE Group

“This book is a gem.”
Erwin Bendl, omninum [publishing)