Leading Alpha

Leading Alpha: communications and leadership training with horses

Leading Alpha is a training programme with horses that promotes communication and leadership skills and hones emotional intelligence. We developed Leading Alpha in the year 2003 and it is a registered brand name. The key USPs of Leading Alpha are the quality and experience of the Leading Alpha trainers and consultants. They are experts in working with people, organizations and horses. It is the diversified expertise possessed by each consultant that makes it possible to provide optimal support in the development of Leading Alpha participants.

A variety of assignments in the handling of horses of different characters and rankings clearly reflect the communication and leadership strengths as well as the potential of each participant. Transferring these to the individual’s work situation makes it possible to implement and apply immediately the communication and leadership models on which the Leading Alpha programme is based. Participants become clearly aware of and experience the importance of sound relationships in an even balance towards the achievement of objectives.

Why use horses?

Horses react from one moment to the next, they do not dissimulate, neither do they try to please us. They clearly show us whether our behaviour is effective and give us direct and honest feedback.

Working with and handling horses teaches us to pay greater attention to body language, pressure and energy, to be aware of them, and to consciously use or exclude them. On the one hand, we learn to maintain our space in a (work) relationship and to fend off violations of our borders, and on the other to give our colleagues sufficient space and time to keep up with us.

The different characters and qualities of horses (and of people too) allow us to discover how flexible our communication and leadership strategies are. And whether we are capable of learning from every situation.

With Leading Alpha all learning channels are addressed (cognitive, emotional, kinaesthetic, auditory). The images and experiences are stored long-term in our brains and can be retrieved at any time.