Teamevent with Chanel Austria in the Federal Stud Piber of Lipizan horses

“This day was very inspiring”……… “Fantastic and unique”………. “We learned a lot about ourselves and our team qualities”

Our Leading Alpha Programme in the historic riding arena of the Federal Lipizan Stud Piber

On September 13th a team event of Chanel Austria took place at the Federal Stud Piber in styria. The very varied programme inspired all participants. The highlights were the charming guided tour through the stud and the visit of the very young offspring as well as the Leading Alpha programme in the beautiful and historic riding hall. Each participant was able to do an exercise with a Lipizzaner and received impulses about his or her team and communication qualities. It was a pleasure to watch the dedicated team, how creatively and differently these exercises were fulfilled. A very good basis for diversity and team spirit.

Impulse workshop with horses on October 2, 2020

On October 2, 2020 in the morning an impulse event with horses will take place in Sittendorf near Vienna. During this event you will actively get to know our Leading Alpha Program (leadership training with horses). The focus of this event is:

Stumbling blocks and traps in everyday leadership?
What you can learn from horses and how the Excalibur principle supports you in counteracting stumbling blocks and traps.


The participants can try a very different leading experience with a horse
  1. In this microtraining we will work out the daily stumbling blocks and traps of your daily leadership routine.
  2. In working with horses we show and train which leadership behavior supports to you in individual and leading situations.
  3. Reflection round and Quick Win: Each participant receives ideas and solutions to make their leadership day easier and more effective.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please send us an email.

Leading Alpha Program at the Hotel “Refugium Hochstrass”

Since 2019 we are proud to announce another very nice venue for our Leading Alpha program with horses: The Hotel Refugium Hochstrass in the southwest of Vienna. We became aware of this beautiful retreat as part of a strategy workshop and as luck would have it, four horses live there, which we can now count as our co-trainers in the Leading Alpha Program. We would be very happy to organize a workshop there – with or without horses – for your organization.