prokschconsult accompanies and supports organizations, departments and individual teams undergoing processes of change. Our main priorities here are:

  • Vision and strategic work
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses (corporate diagnosis)
  • Revision and optimization of communication processes
  • Redesigning of organizational structures and procedures
  • Facilitating an appropriate corporate and management culture for the organization involved
  • Developing a team spirit and work climate for an environment in which people are motivated and can work hard

We have specialized in a complementary approach to consulting. Complementary consulting is a combination of process and expert consulting. In the case of process accompanying measures and workshops, the individuals affected and involved develop solutions and ways of implementing them.

If an organization lacks know-how or experience, our consulting system contributes expertise and possible solutions and provides support throughout the entire process. This approach ensures the sustainability and acceptance of measures for change within the company.

Professional Facilitation

The culture, strategy and structure of an organization are closely interdependent. Any change in one area also has an impact on the other two (interdependence).
Even small changes create ever widening circles – just like a drop falling into water…

They set things in motion in a company or system – even in areas where we would least expect it …

Besides focusing on the established priorities – such as the reorientation of structures or operating procedures – professional management of the change process means that all three factors can be con-tinually monitored in order to sustainably implement the necessary changes and instil life into them.