Dr. Elisabeth Proksch fosters and trains both riders and horses. This riding coaching comprises riding technique, personality development and athletic fitness. The training for horses consists of a combination of basic gymnastics, dressage training up to 4th level, and elements of natural horsemanship. The training of both riders and horses is supported and individually monitored in the long term. A wide variety of goals are taken into account – from making progress in tournament riding through to safe and healthy quality recreational riding. Training is carried out in individual lessons and during seminars and riding courses over several days.

Person Team Riding (PTR) is a special training programme for both riders and horses that takes into account the manifold prerequisites for and peculiarities of “riding”. Riding is very many-sided sport, although the designation “sport” is only partly applicable due to the nature of riding. This is because riding also comprises passion for and relationships with a “completely different kind” of creature. It should not be forgotten that the horse is flight animal. As riders, we must become involved with these creatures and their peculiarities. This requires empathetic capabilities and a degree of mature emotional intelligence.

Riding is a team sport. The sounder the relationship between rider and horse is, the easier it becomes to achieve certain goals. These can be sporting objectives as well as safe and relaxed riding out in the countryside. In order to cope with the manifold demands of riding, we need abilities in the areas of communication, team spirit and leadership.

Besides these, we also require physical and technical abilities in order to be able to “ride” at all. These comprise the agility of the rider as well as an ability to give the horse “aids” using the reins, legs, voice, etc. The essential prerequisite is an athletic seat in all the horse’s gaits, transitions, lessons and jumps. Balance and coordination are also essential cornerstones of riding.

PTR is a training programme that gives comprehensive support and supervision to both rider and horse. The workshops are organized according to the needs of the groups, and individually tailored to the requirements of the participants. PTR is already a component of the training and further education programmes for riding instructors at the Vienna Sports Academy.