Development & Training

Our Trainings & Workshops

In the field of training we have specialised in dialogue-, experience- and action-oriented methods. Theoretical contants are presented briefly and concisely and developed interactively. 

Regardless of the thematic focus, we apply a varied and creative mixture of methods and procedures. This ensures the joy of learning and the motivation to concentrate. Our workshops and trainings take place – depending on the local conditions – in the training room and outdoors.  The nature is a catalyst for development and dialog. 

Leading Alpha is the registered brand name of a training concept using horses developed by prokschconsult. An intensive encounter with horses helps to develop and hone one’s emotional Intelligence. This helps people in their communication with customers and team colleagues and in the management of employees.

Detailed information can be found under the link Leading Alpha.

Strengthen teams

For strengthening teams, we plan and hold small and large group events. For these we employ our experience and action oriented methods both indoors and outdoors. Our training sessions are often held under a “motto” such as “United we are strong” or “There are many ways, but only one goal”. This reinforces relationships, promotes exchange and contact, strengthens team spirit, and facilitates and improves teamwork.

Standard Workshops

We offer customized individual workshops and workshop series on a selection of themes that are in particularly popular with our customers. Drawing on the various priorities and modules, we can put together a training session or training series on any theme which you request.